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10,000 pounds of local produce
to Massachusetts food banks
According to Feeding America, 1 in 7 Massachusetts children is food insecure. This is approximately 187,290 children that don't reliably have enough food to eat. We believe that hungry children and families should have greater access to fresh produce, which is critical to their overall health. 
In 2024, our goal is to donate 10,000 pounds of farm fresh produce to our Massachusetts food bank partners, at absolutely no cost to them.
500 farm shares for underserved families & individuals
Food insecure families experience difficulty accessing healthy foods and "farm share" programs due to budget and geographical constraints. Farm to Family provides families with direct access to fresh produce via enrollment in a "farm share” at our partner farm.
In 2024, our goal is to provide 500 farm shares, with priority given to underserved Gateway city individuals and families, at absolutely no cost to them.
10 farm employment opportunities for local individuals
Farm to Future offers agricultural employment opportunities, with priority given to underserved Gateway individuals, at our partner farms. Positions teach skills in growing, harvesting, and the marketing and sales of produce by way of retail farm stands, Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) programs, farmer’s markets and mobile markets. Employees contribute to the Farm to Food Bank and Farm to Family programs, outlined below. Through this experience, individuals gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainable agriculture and our local food system. The leadership and workforce skills they build will translate to any career path that they may choose to follow. 
In 2024, we aim to employee 10 individuals at our partner farms.
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